Barstow System

Barstow System

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The Barstow System features machined aluminum bar caps that allow storage of a chain tool and/or tire lever inside the handlebars.  Select the color you would like, and add a chain tool and/or tire lever as you see fit.  

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The Barstow System allows you to configure storage for a chain tool and/or tire lever inside your handlebars.  

The chain tool add-on is a complete chain breaking tool with integrated chain link storage.  Compact and easy to use, it simplifies what you carry by always having a chain tool and quick-link within easy reach.

The tire lever add-on is a compact tire lever secured to the end of your Barstow Caps.  It is a very functional, modified version of the widely loved Quik Stik lever.   

All Barstow options include anodized aluminum caps that not only look great and come in a variety of colors, but protect your bars during a crash as well as your gut from puncture wounds.


The Barstow Caps install quickly in road and mountain bike handlebars. Remove any handlebar or grip end caps you may have and install your Barstow caps with a few quick turns; the expanding wedges lock in for a secure hold. If your grips cover over the end of your handlebars you can still install Barstow Caps. You may need to cut away the ends of your grips with a sharp knife, but be careful not to damage your handlebars. 

The expanding wedges accommodate a wide range of bar types and styles. The Barstow Chain Breaker has a flexible toggle end that allows it to curve up short road drops if needed. The toggle is held in place with a o-ring which creates a friction fit, preventing any rattling in your handlebars. Once you install it, you won’t even notice it’s there.. until you need it.

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  • 28mm (1.1in) Diameter Cap
  • 15mm (0.6in) Internal Diameter -  (Chain Tool)
  • 85mm (3.3in) Long - Barstow Chain Tool - Extended
  • 94mm (3.7in) Long - Barstow Tire Lever
  • 27.5mm (1.1in) Long - Barstow Cap


  • 47 grams (1.4 ounces) - Barstow w/Chain Tool
  • 30 grams (1.1 ounces) -  Barstow w/Tire Lever
  • 15 grams (0.5 ounces) - Barstow Cap


  • Tire Lever - The tire lever functions well for most tire/rim combinations.  However, if your particular setup requires Herculean effort to remove the tire from the rim, this is not the lever for you.
  • Tire Lever - The tire levers length may prevent it from installing inside some "road" handlebars that curve quickly from the end.  Please check to ensure the handlebar looks like it will work with the tire lever.  For reference, most modern road bars will accommodate the tire lever. 
  • Installation - The Barstow System plays nice with most handlebars on the market.  However, on rare occasions we come across handlebars with very thick walls that do not allow the Barstow System to fit.  These handlebars are typically found on less expensive bikes.